Isabella is officially a kidadoblog author! At thirteen years of age, she’s got a lot to say. Here’s her first post!

Hi 🙂

Bella here. I’ve been working on two poems so HERE THEY ARE!!

A Perfect Morning

Cascading light,

Shadows lie upon my pillow,

The sun’s delicate heat caresses my face,

I throw open the window and stare out,

A breeze hurries through the screen,

My chilled skin soaks in the icy cold air,

So immense and beautifully flowered,

The magnolias outside gaze upon my wide grin and start a quiet conversation,

Their simple smiles of joy beam down to me,

I sprawl on the bay window beside my bed,

The light streaming through the leaves of the trees illuminate a book,

And a gust of wind turns the first page of a perfect morning.


Her fragile gaze,

From across the street,

And beyond the seas,

Her open arms,

A warm touch she longs for,

A sweet lullaby she craves,

Her hair a previous glittery gold,

Now yearns for color and vigor,

She is lifeless,

Alone and caged,

Wanting to be free.

by Isabella