I would love to write something a little meatier than this, but you know sometimes you just got to do a music blurb. It’s the holiday weekend, the jumbo crabs are on their way, and I don’t feel like getting deep at the moment. So…

We took my thirteen year old daughter to her first concert in May 07. We saw one of our favorite bands, KEANE, on their Under the Iron Sea tour. I was so excited to see my favorite band (at the moment) but most of the excitement was for my daughter who was anxiously waiting to see a band live for the first time. Our seats were just six rows away from the stage, that’s just a few arm lengths away from Tom Chaplin, the lead vocalist for the band. Ahhh! As my husband likes to say, we swooned like a bunch of groupies. During the show we occasionally turned our heads and waved to my husband and sister sitting 20 or so rows behind us. It was a brilliant night and guess what? Their third album, Perfect Symmetry, is coming out October 13th! If anyone out there can manage a couple of front row seats somewhere in the tristate area (Pa, DE, NJ) gives us a holler, will ya? 🙂

I’m so glad I can enjoy these moments with my daughters. I just know someday the time will come when they’d rather not have me around and I’ll have to let go a little… but for now, children, I’ll be by your side. 🙂

Here’s a song off their new album:

Better Than This