Okay, so I’ll do my best to give somewhat of a background on this. If you want details then take a look at this or this.  If you’ve watched Inside the Actor’s Studio before, than you know the half of it. But there is a little history to it.

James Lipton, the host of the popular Inside the Actor’s Studio tv show, delivers his version of the Proust Questionnaire at the end of his interviews. A sampling of his questions include: what is your favorite word, what is your least favorite word, what is your favorite noise, what is a profession you wouldn’t want to do, and others totalling ten questions (ring a bell yet?). The famous French writer, Marcel Proust, answered an early version way back in the nineteenth century, hence the name the Proust Questionnaire. Apparently, it was a popular game back in the day.  Lipton got the idea from, Bernard Pivot, host of the French tv show Apostrophes. Pivot was in the habit of asking his guests his version of the questionnaire at the end of his show.

Stay tuned as I pose yet another twisted version of the Proust Questionaire to close family and friends. I plan on delivering the answers to you in volumes. One post, one volume, one victim. I’ll probably post twice a month or so. As soon as I get those ten questions figured out and extracted the answers from one of the lucky interviewees, I’ll post it. And if this attempt falls apart i.e. I lose interest, my victims lose interest, you were never interested I’ll be sure to let you know, in a This Was Lame post. So here I go, I think. 🙂