Obama celebrates with family at Grant Park

Obama celebrates with family at Grant Park

History has been made, the first African American was elected president this evening, November 4, 2008. Senator Barack Obama supporters filled Grant Park in Chicago, New York City’s TImes Square and Obama headquarters across the US. Whether you voted for him or not, it is hard not to feel proud to be part of one of the most monumental and historic events of US history.


My husband and I celebrate with a toast as we keep our eyes on the tv. My eldest daughter smiles a congratulatory smile feeling proud to be one of thousands of canvassers that scoured the streets this past weekend reminding swing and undecided voters to go out and vote. Indeed, every vote counts.


Congressman John Lewis speaks. He is taken back at the enormous win and what it says about our country. Only in this country will we see her citizens line up in droves, millions of voters waiting up to seven hours in some polling stations, to vote for our next president and bring a victory to Barack Obama, an African American whose candidacy just a few years ago was a longshot and some decades ago an impossibility.

And congrats to John McCain who gave what I thought was his best performance of the election, a heartfelt and genuine concession speech.

In the words of Obama,

…this is our moment this is our time….

and a historic one at that.