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  1. kidadoblog Says:

    We always appreciate your words. They leave us feeling warm and fuzzy all the time. Thanks, FairyGodMother.

  2. Rob Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just curious, how did you come across it and where are you from?

  3. kidadoblog Says:

    I usually find blogs by tag surfing or linking from WordPress’s What People Are Writing About cloud…usually under Family, Friends, or Personal tags.

  4. What does it mean when it says that your comment is awaiting moderation…?

  5. Hazel Says:

    Administrator, that’s me, needs to approve comment before publishing it. This happens if a comment contains certain things, ie a certain # of links… right now mine uses default parameters…

  6. filmfish Says:

    just dropped by to say hi! ­čśÇ

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