After months of deliberation, my husband and I decided to pull the plug on a huge chunk of cable channels. Everything beyond channel 20 disappeared yesterday just moments after I called Comcast and demanded a downgrade to Basic cable. They tried everything to keep us on our triple play plan, offering us promotion after promotion. I finally told them enough with the deals, we just want less tv.

We still have our ipods, internet, aim, email, video games and cell phones. Isn’t that enough? I hear it now — the groans of tv withdrawal. The lifeline to Miley, Carly and Bikini Bottom cutoff at the jugular. Here’s a little synopsis of our life without 200+ channels of tv.

Day Two on Basic Cable: Children sitting in family room early Sunday morning watching the only cartoon available, a Spanish dubbed Jimmy Neutron. Husband and I look on from kitchen enjoying every minute of it.

Later that day: Children take advantage of the great outdoors, without being told to do so. Skateboards, bikes, scooters… ahh…and children…cruising down the hill.

Loving the great outdoors

Outdoors at the frog pond.