His ties, some of them

Just a few of his ties

It was his destiny. I figure. That’s what he tells me, my parents always made sure I was dressed properly, nicely. I guess I am supposed to accept that as a valid excuse. Why take away a man’s innate desire to dress himself well? Would I really want to exchange that for a pair of baggy sweats and a stained wife beater? Take a look at his wardrobe and you’ll see an explosion of style. A male fashionista he is. We’ve even invested in a second wardrobe. He is careful in handling and storing his collection: sweet smelling satchels to ward off the moth demon, handsome wooden hangers that lovingly hug his dress shirts and garment bags to store his most valuable suits. His fashionability doesn’t stop there. He has more shoes than me and the kids combined. His motto has been, if your clothes look damn good, you gotta have the shoes to match.

The shoe lineup

The lineup

My closet and shoe collection pales in comparison, unworthy of a picture. Although I do get the shoe bug once in awhile, my wardrobe is pretty simple and minimal. I have a few favorites that I tend to wear over and over again like the perfect pair of jeans or the easy on easy off pair of flats. I am picky about where I shop. It is a rare occasion when I can find a pair of pants or jeans of adequate length. 33in. Regulars are too short and Longs can be too damn long. There is only one place that satisfies this requirement, besides having the best clothes and the most unbelievable sale section ever AND if I could define my sense of style it would be this place, one word, Anthropologie. Yeah, I had to put that in there. I recommend it to all my family and friends especially when they’re into looking a little feminine, classic but in a super stylish, modern way. And the Sale room…did I mention the sale room already??

I must say this. My husband and I are bargain hunters. It may sound like my husband is stretching things a bit, but we never buy anything that isn’t marked down. With a little finesse, my husband manages to get some prices dropped down even more. If you shop around and know where to look, you can find some pretty great deals on really nice stuff. Even with shoes, my husband manages to make them last. He is meticulous about polishing them and when the leather soles get worn he makes a trip to the shoemaker to have them resoled for a few bucks. Sometimes that’s all they need. He’s even picked up a few pairs at second hand shops, had them resoled and voila a new pair of designer shoes at a fraction of the price.

The shirts

The shirts

My husband knows when to tame his urge to splurge. It is not so much how often he shops but what he shops for. He’s all about quality. And if he can find something good at a decent price he has no qualms about buying it. But you know the problem with that, right? So the both of us are in no way shape or form spendaholics. Like most families, we’ve got a budget to stick to. So he’s tamed his impulsive buying habit, enough to make us both feeling goodie inside. Doesn’t it feel great to walk out of a store and not purchase anything?

Now, if I can get him to kick the morning Starbucks routine…

Right to it then. For our thirteen year old, a one year subscription to the Japanese fashion magazine, FRUITS. Thanks to its creator and photographer, Shoishi Aoki, for satisfying my daughter’s fascination with harajuku street fashion. Subscription can be bought directly at FRuiTS or at

How about that LOMO? Never heard of these till my daughter visited Now we all want one.

LOMO Oktomat 8 Lens Camera

LOMO Oktomat 8 Lens Camera @

Each Lomo camera model focuses on one photographic effect. Every shot in the red Oktomat will take 8 successive pictures in under 3 sec producing an 8-frame photo vignette. Sounds basic but the effects are pretty cool. See sample shots here. Other models include the Fish Eye, Action Sampler and Colorsplash. We wouldn’t mind having any one of them. They’re pretty affordable too. From what I understand, lomography is less about technique than it is about the spontaneity of picture taking; these cameras with their fun design, effects and simplicity in taking a shot do nothing but encourage it. For more info on Lomography, visit

usb vinyl archiver

usb vinyl archiver @

Also spotted on, is this little something for my nine year old. She loves the eighties and has been dying to play some of our “old” records.

Ana, my 11 year old, loves horses (and cows) and has the occasional ride.  She dreams of living in France where she’ll live as a veterinarian on a farm full of horses and cows (and snakes, birds, hamsters…).  Sorry, Ana, we have no room for horses on our townhouse lot.  Somehow I know you’ll end up in France on a farm with a couple of horses and cows and your father and I will visit you in our old age and never want to leave.  So make room for us, will ya?

More to come…..