Somber posts lately.  How ’bout I lighten things up a bit with this video featuring Republic Tigers with Buildings and Mountains, one of my new favorite songs.

Okay, not so light.

Thought I’d never find it. After a couple of cross country moves, throwing things in boxes and not labeling them…I think we’ve got quite a few boxes we haven’t rummaged through since we moved out to New Mexico in 2004. Four years later and many states away, some still lay unopened. I wonder what’s in them? I’ve found clothes I could’ve been wearing and my children could’ve been wearing if I had known the boxes existed. Unassembled lamps that our living space desperately needs. Tools. Kitchen junk drawers haphazardly thrown in a box. And, oh yeah, pictures. Envelope after envelope of family photos. Great photos, too. Photos from 35mm film. Whew, remember when?

1997 Y100 Sonic Session w/ INXS

1997 Y100 Sonic Session w/ INXS

We spent an evening looking at all the pictures.

I got a serious dose of nostalgia when I stumbled upon this photo of me with Michael Hutchence of INXS. It was taken by two good samaritans at an invite only studio performance with Philly’s Y100 in 1997. Not a month had passed when we found these pictures in the mail. Thanks to the Franklins for taking the pic and actually sending us two copies. Sad thing is, I am 11 years older than I am in the picture. Sadder still, Mr. Hutchence died two months after the photo was taken.

Just a follow-up to a previous post…
view from balcony bar

view from balcony bar

Well, thanks to my sister and her fabulous iPhone, we were able to take a few decent photos of the event. Despite being the handful of late thirty-somethings in the crowd, we managed to have a spanking good time. It was a night out we needed desperately. A big thank you to JP and Jen for the comp tickets!

Can you believe just two minutes after we parked our car we were slapped a parking ticket.  Not even a block and a half away… Geeeeez!

I would love to write something a little meatier than this, but you know sometimes you just got to do a music blurb. It’s the holiday weekend, the jumbo crabs are on their way, and I don’t feel like getting deep at the moment. So…

We took my thirteen year old daughter to her first concert in May 07. We saw one of our favorite bands, KEANE, on their Under the Iron Sea tour. I was so excited to see my favorite band (at the moment) but most of the excitement was for my daughter who was anxiously waiting to see a band live for the first time. Our seats were just six rows away from the stage, that’s just a few arm lengths away from Tom Chaplin, the lead vocalist for the band. Ahhh! As my husband likes to say, we swooned like a bunch of groupies. During the show we occasionally turned our heads and waved to my husband and sister sitting 20 or so rows behind us. It was a brilliant night and guess what? Their third album, Perfect Symmetry, is coming out October 13th! If anyone out there can manage a couple of front row seats somewhere in the tristate area (Pa, DE, NJ) gives us a holler, will ya? 🙂

I’m so glad I can enjoy these moments with my daughters. I just know someday the time will come when they’d rather not have me around and I’ll have to let go a little… but for now, children, I’ll be by your side. 🙂

Here’s a song off their new album:

Better Than This

You can’t listen to Beirut’s music without feeling totally awesome. One of our favorites. I put Postcards from Italy on my daughter’s 13th birthday playlist. Too bad they’re not together at the moment. We’d love to see them live.

Elephant Gun

Postcards from Italy

They were also sampled in a complimentary bmx trick dvd at a local Vineland bike shop, Ed’s Bike Shop. Pretty neat.

Other bands featured on my daughter’s 13th Birthday Playlist:
Blonde Redhead, Van She, Yael Naim, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova, New Young Pony Club, Band of Horses, Kate Nash, Ghostland Observatory and Fisher. It’s featured on ITunes IMix section, but I’m having trouble loading it on this page…sorry!

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