I read a piece of writing today by my new friend Anne Moss. It told of her experience at the 2007 Philadelphia 3-Day, a hugely successful fundraiser/awareness program for the fight against breast cancer. It encompasses a 60 mile walk over the course of three days. Anne was one of hundreds who completed the walk that year; she even surpassed her fundraising goal.

Anne is a survivor herself. After reading the 8-page saga of her 3-day adventure, I became deeply humbled and moved. My daily nuisances became trivial, seemingly unworthy of any pain. Sometimes it takes the hap encounter of an individual like Anne, to help me stay grounded and to help me realize what’s truly important in life. Here’s a little excerpt from her writing:

My first thought after finishing was, ‘I can’t believe I just did all that, and I feel GREAT!’ There was definitely a surreal quality to the moment. I had packed flip flops to change into…However, my feet and legs felt fine, and I don’t want to take off my sneakers. I think I probably did not want the moment and the feeling to end. (Anne Moss)

Here is a link to the official site of Breast Cancer 3-Day and please read more of what my friend Anne has to say about her experience and support her as she prepares for this year’s Philadelphia3-Day!

Anne, you are an inspiration. Your strength and endurance…your writing…it is a real life story of why all of us should never give up.