A couple of months ago I posted something similar in memory of Jon. Today, January 10, 2009 marks the 11 year anniversary of his death.

Jon passed away on the very early morning hours of our older sister’s birthday. Every year at this time, I remember Jon as he was and imagine what he would be like today. I don’t think any of us can picture him being any different…youthful, generous, caring, kind. He was young and discovering himself as most young (and old) people do. If you were to ask my mom, he was able to make amends and find closure with some of the important things in his life just before he died.

I know that he would want his sister to celebrate her birthday as anyone should as difficult as it may be at first. That’s just the kind of person he was.

So in remembering today as the anniversary of Jon’s death, we remember that Jewel was born on this day – a celebration of two lives, if you will.

We love you both!


Jonathan Scott Mendoza, May 29, 1977 - January 10, 1998


Happy Birthday Jewel!

Happy Birthday Jewel!

My daughter came home with an amazing story today.

A very good friend of hers walked into her 7th grade homeroom this morning to find a rather large package sitting at her desk. The package was sent to the middle school with her name on it. The postmark showed it was mailed from a New York City address. She proceeded to open the package to find her wallet, six gift cards, some of her clothes and other personal items that all belonged to her. She had lost these belongings over a year ago in the city!

An amazing story with a very happy ending.

I wonder if the gift cards were used?

Whoever you are, good samaritan, you’re awesome.

By the way, my computer is on its way home. Another good deed: Mac knocked 80 bucks off a $180 dollar repair job. Thanks Apple!

Okay, so what good deed have you done lately??