Right to it then. For our thirteen year old, a one year subscription to the Japanese fashion magazine, FRUITS. Thanks to its creator and photographer, Shoishi Aoki, for satisfying my daughter’s fascination with harajuku street fashion. Subscription can be bought directly at FRuiTS or at Amazon.com.

How about that LOMO? Never heard of these till my daughter visited Fredflare.com. Now we all want one.

LOMO Oktomat 8 Lens Camera

LOMO Oktomat 8 Lens Camera @ fredflare.com

Each Lomo camera model focuses on one photographic effect. Every shot in the red Oktomat will take 8 successive pictures in under 3 sec producing an 8-frame photo vignette. Sounds basic but the effects are pretty cool. See sample shots here. Other models include the Fish Eye, Action Sampler and Colorsplash. We wouldn’t mind having any one of them. They’re pretty affordable too. From what I understand, lomography is less about technique than it is about the spontaneity of picture taking; these cameras with their fun design, effects and simplicity in taking a shot do nothing but encourage it. For more info on Lomography, visit www.lomography.com.

usb vinyl archiver

usb vinyl archiver @ fredflare.com

Also spotted on Fredflare.com, is this little something for my nine year old. She loves the eighties and has been dying to play some of our “old” records.

Ana, my 11 year old, loves horses (and cows) and has the occasional ride.  She dreams of living in France where she’ll live as a veterinarian on a farm full of horses and cows (and snakes, birds, hamsters…).  Sorry, Ana, we have no room for horses on our townhouse lot.  Somehow I know you’ll end up in France on a farm with a couple of horses and cows and your father and I will visit you in our old age and never want to leave.  So make room for us, will ya?

More to come…..