Putting all recent Obama Inaugural Festivities aside, their really hasn’t been much for me to blab about other than another music blurb. Oh, yeah we’re planning our first ever ski/snowboard trip. WhooHoo! Now on with the music…

I love Peter and John’s new song, Nothing To Worry About. I was never a true fan… I just knew that one with the whistling, Young Folks. But I can’t wait for their new album coming out in March.

Nothing To Worry About

The much anticipated release of new music from one of the most talented bands I’ve ever heard is about to be unleashed. BEIRUT’s mastermind, Zach Condon, and his mega-multi-member band took a break early 2008 canceling a European tour over the summer. But all for good. We’ll be hearing the new stuff in the coming months. Did I mention it’s a double EP, March of the Zapotec/Holland? Yessssssssss.

Until then, enjoy this…

Beirut, A Sunday Smile

and fall in love with this…

Beirut, Prenzlauerberg

According to Zach, Beirut will be playing a few surprise shows in smaller venues in New York. If anyone out there gets word of when and where please let us know. 🙂

Visit Beirut, read the news.