Jason Bateman as Derek Taylor

Silverspoon's Derek Taylor, classicmoviekids.com

I’m sitting here with my 9 year old daughter, Simona. She’s the daughter who got me listening to my mom’s 80’s music compilation because she is totally, head over heels, in love with everything of that decade. Anyway, it’s 12:14 in the morning. I know bad mom for not sending her to bed. We were having one of those special mother and daughter moments and I wanted her to keep me company as I surfed the blogosphere. Before long, it was past midnight and we ended up watching On Demand episodes of Silver Spoons. Remember Derek Taylor? Ricky Shroeder’s bratty, stuck-up, rotten friend? Well, we’re watching his farewell episode when he heads out to St. Louis after his parents divorce. Having spent much of my adolescent and teen years in that decade, I was a big fan of the show, even more so when Derek Taylor was in the picture. He was so darn cute despite his evil ways. You have connected the Derek Taylor – Jason Bateman relationship thing already haven’t you? So as we sit here, a little loopy from tiredness, and stare at the TV set, I get a little melancholy as Derek bids farewell to Ricky next to Ricky’s racecar bed and Simona mumbles out loud amused at herself for getting teary eyed, “…this is sad!”. Her sadness is due to her innocence, her girlish desire for everything funny, cute and perfect, and it being unexpectedly crushed when Derek waltzes out Ricky’s room never to return again. As for me, the sadness has more to do with the stark reality that today I am 36 years old and that episode aired 26 years ago. Whew, where did time go? Oh, wait, new episode… Ricky shoots a deer when he goes hunting with dad and grandpa, but it didn’t die, now dad has to put it out of its misery because Ricky doesn’t want to. I’m sad. Simona’s sad. Ricky’s sad. 12:40 am. I think it’s time for bed.